the Story of Armenia

Like many diasporan Armenians, Andy and Kev grew up knowing little about their ancestral homeland. As children, they both attended Armenian church and gatherings to help connect with their roots, but this wasn’t what particularly encouraged them to connect with their Armenian identity.

In 1988, Kev was sent to Armenia by his parents in hopes that he would learn more about his homeland. Naturally, one would trust that this is where Kev’s true love for Armenia would sprout, but this wasn’t the case. In reality, Kev’s love for Armenia began when touring the world performing his one-man comedy shows. Encountering different Armenians from all parts of the globe along his way, Kev found another layer of depth to his Armenian identity and “realized how incredible Armenians really were, and how much we all had in common no matter where we came from.”

Andy on the other hand was never interested in visiting Armenia. It was the tragic death of his father, followed by a medical episode where his mum completely lost her memory, that changed everything. Andy always knew what Armenia meant to his mother and he promised her that once she recovers, they will visit their beloved country. When her memory began to return, Andy’s mother asked “Are we going to Armenia or was I dreaming?” Finally, in June of 2015, Andy’s family traveled to Armenia and had a life changing experience. With a new found sense of pride, Andy decided to share his love for this ancient country with the world. He wanted this documentary to be unlike any other, charismatic and full of personality.

Andy had seen Kev’s work through social media and reached out to him about his idea through LinkedIn, and that’s when it all began. Having also wanted to do this for a number of years, Kev eagerly jumped on board, with a similar vision of uncovering the incredible country. Soon after, along with the help of Raffi Tanielian, the man who brought their vision to reality, the team set off to make history.